• Why choose an insurance broker?

    courtier en assurances

    An agent who works for a specific insurer can only offer you that company’s products.

    An insurance broker is an independent professional who represents you, the client, and who does business with several insurers. He is a dedicated business partner who strives to defend your interests and who carefully analyzes your needs in order to find you the best possible insurance policy at the best possible price. He also monitors the insurance market fluctuations for you, and spares you from having to renegotiate your premiums on a yearly basis. In the event of a claim, he will help you manage the process, answer your questions, and will defend your interests in case of problems with your insurer.

    By working with an insurance broker, not only do you save precious time, but you also make sure that you get the best possible insurance coverage at the best possible price.

    Your best insurance policy is your insurance broker.