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    March 16th, 2023Christopher Johnson

    Insurance, vehicles and young drivers

    Being a parent is a lot of work, and we always want the best for our children. It’s only natural to want to save them money so they can get a leg up and start a successful professional life. In addition, when our children have just received …

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    March 8th, 2023Christopher Johnson

    Having trouble with car insurance? Read this!

    You have a passion for cars. You love to drive and to feel freedom every time you get behind the wheel. However, you may not be the expert driver you would like to be. You have had multiple accidents and, as a result, many claims to your …

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    January 24th, 2023cake

    Car insurance for unlucky drivers

    Some tips and tricks for getting coverage No doubt about it: luck is never on your side when you get behind the wheel! Bumps, stones in the windscreen, punctures, broken wheels and other mechanical breakdowns: the bad luck just keeps on …

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