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    24 June 2020Christopher Johnson

    Moving and home insurance: What to do?

    You have just bought a new house! That means a lot of paperwork, boxes and excitement! You will undoubtedly be very, very busy until D day, but between your trip to the notary’s office, your appointment at the bank and packing up your dishes, …

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    Hausse importante des primes d’assurance automobile au Québec : pourquoi ?

    10 June 2020Christopher Johnson

    Major increase in car insurance premiums in Quebec: Why?

    Year after year, you renew your insurance contract without asking yourself too many questions. You are, in fact, quite willing to accept a small yearly increase in order to avoid the lengthy process of going around insurance companies to find …

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    première assurance auto

    27 May 2020Christopher Johnson

    First car insurance contract: Tips for young drivers

    Buying your first car is always a special milestone in someone’s life. Why? Because wheels mean freedom! You’ll now be able to easily visit your friends, go on a ski trip, see a show in another town, or do a road trip, all on your own, without …

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    Assurance habitation et créancier non standard (2e chance au crédit) : quelles conséquences ?