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    Quel est le bon assureur pour vous ?

    September 21st, 2020Christopher Johnson

    What’s the right insurance company for you?

    As an independent insurance brokerage firm, we get many calls every day from clients with questions about their home, auto and business insurance. Some don’t understand why their premiums have increased, others can’t manage to get the insurance …

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    assurance fréquence de réclamation

    September 12th, 2020Christopher Johnson

    Uninsurable due to a high claims frequency: what to do?

    Many people see insurance payments as an expense rather than an investment. In fact it’s true that car and home insurance are products you hope you’ll never have to use—unlike the purchase of a new vehicle or pair of shoes! As insurance brokers, …

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    assurance jeune conducteur

    August 25th, 2020Christopher Johnson

    Car insurance for your child

    Your child has just obtained his or her probationary driver’s license and would like to borrow your car? Before allowing him or her to take the wheel, however, make sure that you are avoiding unnecessary risks. Indeed, your first reflex might …

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    Assurance automobile véhicule électrique

    August 11th, 2020Christopher Johnson

    Insuring your electrical vehicle: A few tips

    Hydro-electricity is undoubtedly one of Quebec’s greatest assets. Renewable and reliable, it has a smaller impact on the environment than most other sources of energy. In Quebec, electrical vehicles are steadily gaining popularity on our roads …

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    July 21st, 2020Christopher Johnson

    On line car insurance quotes: Be careful!

    In Quebec, when you own a car, you must be covered by civil liability insurance for a minimum of $50,000. This coverage will protect you in case of: Damages to your car sustained in Quebec in an accident for which you are not deemed responsible;  …

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