• assurance de remplacement

    26 February 2020Christopher Johnson

    Replacement insurance and used vehicle: any advantage?

    Buying a used vehicle can sometimes prove more complex than buying a new one. To avoid buying a lemon and other unpleasant surprises, looking far and wide is in order. Once you think you might have found the right vehicle, look into its past …

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    assurance conduite dangereuse
    Posséder un serpent ou un reptile : quel impact sur votre assurance habitation?
    photo proprio direct

    29 January 2020Christopher Johnson

    3 major reasons to do business with a broker

    Whether it’s about insurance or real estate, working with a broker is generally in your best interest. On top of being experts in their field, brokers are there to help and support you, and to answer all of your questions. Now, if you want to …

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    assurance auto pere noel

    18 December 2019Christopher Johnson

    Boozy festivities and driving under the influence: A bad mix

    Another year is coming to an end! And when you think end of the year, you generally think end of year festivities, and then of course, well-watered ones… But then, well-watered festivities also mean that going home can get a bit complicated. …

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