• Agricultural insurance

    Agricultural insurance
    You have spent your whole life sowing the seeds of prosperity and you now wish to enjoy some peace of mind? Let us become your partner in insurance matters. As brokers, we can discuss your needs with several insurance companies in order to offer you the best coverage available at the best price possible.

    Here is a list of agricultural businesses who can subscribe to our insurance programs:

    • Dairy farms;
    • Pig farms;
    • Beef farms;
    • Vegetable farms;
    • Maple syrup producers;
    • Woodlot operations;
    • Piecework contractor;
    • Unused farmland (gentleman farmer).

    Unused farmland (gentleman farmer)
    In Quebec, unused agricultural farmland, commonly called “gentleman farmer” properties are quite common place. Our brokers understand your daily activities, and they can offer you personalized services to secure customized farm insurance packages for your leisure farm. Make sure, however, that you disclose any income generated through your small farming activities. You must disclose your small farm revenues, however limited, in order to be eligible to coverage under such insurance plans. Contact our specialized damage insurance brokers who can advise you on agricultural insurance plans.

    For more information on this insurance program, contact one of our brokers!

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