• Contractor insurance

    You’re a contractor and insurance is one of your business headaches? We can take this chip off your shoulders by becoming your insurance partner! With our help, you will be able to concentrate on what really matters. We understand your situation and your grueling daily routine. Is your insurance plan up to date and able to cover any eventuality you might encounter? Assurances Multi-Risques wants to give you the tools you need to be well prepared in case something goes wrong. We strongly suggest that you meet with your insurance broker at least once a year in order to make sure that he understands what you do and is familiar with your current business situation.

    Assurances Multi-Risques has a large contractor clientele base, and we know that each client has specific needs related to their expertise and business specificities. Our brokers take the time to sit down with you and to analyse your needs in order to offer you a customized insurance program. Moreover, since you may choose between different commercial insurance formulas, we suggest that you work with an independent broker specialized in commercial insurance.


    Business insurance contract basics

    Business insurance contracts contain very important information – information that you provide us with. When negotiating or renewing an insurance contract, make sure that your broker is well aware and understands your business activities. Note that your insurer will cover only your declared business activities according to your contract’s clauses. For example, let’s say that you are an excavation contractor and that your insurance contract’s stated activities are excavation work and sand and gravel transportation. If you decide to do demolition work without informing your insurer of this new type of activity and something goes wrong, you will likely encounter serious problems. To avoid this type of situation, make sure that you declare all of your business’ activities and that your broker understands what you do. A trust relationship with your broker is also an important asset. By meeting with your broker on a regular basis, you will avoid ambiguities and loopholes in your insurance contract, and will limit the possibility that you have forgotten to mention important things such costly tools and equipment.

    Our brokers can negotiate with different insurers in order to obtain the best possible protection at the best possible price.

    Here is a list of contractors who can subscribe to our insurance programs:

    • Excavation
    • Snow removal
    • Irrigation
    • Landscaping
    • Residential construction
    • Commercial and institutional construction
    • Renovation
    • Ceramic tile installation
    • Plumbing
    • Glazing work
    • Bricklaying
    • Painting
    • Concrete works
    • Woodworking
    • Electricity
    • Kitchen cabinetry installation

     For more information on this subject, please contact a broker!

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