• Errors and omission (E & O) insurance

    Errors and omission 
    Professional liability insurance is commonly called Errors and omission insurance or E & O insurance. You are a very busy professional working long hours? You are very good at what you do, but to err is human! Professional mistakes can expose you to claims and lawsuits. If that happens, you will be happy to have subscribed to an E & O insurance policy.

    As brokers, we can discuss your needs with several insurance companies in order to offer you the best coverage available at the best possible price.

    Eligible businesses:

    • Travel agencies
    • Communications and marketing agencies
    • Web site design
    • Web site and software programmer
    • Information technology
    • Security consultant
    • Engineer Environmental consultant
    • Real estate agent
    • Building inspector
    • Biotechnology company
    • Management consultant and business coaching
    • Business consultant
    • Chiropractor
    • Property management
    • Health care professional and health care establishments
    • Employment agency

    For more information on this insurance program, contact one of our brokers!

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