• Special events insurance

    You organize special events and you are looking for someone who can offer you special insurance packages? As professional insurance brokers, we will do everything in our power to make your life easier and to give you more time to do your work.

    Quebec ICF program
    We offer specialized Errors and omission (E & O) and third party liability insurance for professional coaches, but only members of the Quebec International Coach Federation (ICF) can subscribe to this insurance. 

    E & O insurance program for Quebec ICF members 
    Dear Quebec IFC members, we are happy to present you with our special Errors and omission (professional liability) insurance program. We know you excel at what you do, but we also know that to be human is to err! Any mistake you make in your work can result in prosecution. Our errors and omission insurance program will cover you in case of third party liability and will also cover legal representation costs.

    We know that you are extremely busy and that time is of essence. That’s why we have created this special program. Please don’t hesitate to contact to obtain an insurance quote.

    For more information on this insurance program, contact one of our brokers!

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