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    Hausse importante des primes d’assurance automobile au Québec : pourquoi ?

    10 June 2020Christopher Johnson

    Major increase in car insurance premiums in Quebec: Why?

    Year after year, you renew your insurance contract without asking yourself too many questions. You are, in fact, quite willing to accept a small yearly increase in order to avoid the lengthy process of going around insurance companies to find …

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    première assurance auto

    27 May 2020Christopher Johnson

    First car insurance contract: Tips for young drivers

    Buying your first car is always a special milestone in someone’s life. Why? Because wheels mean freedom! You’ll now be able to easily visit your friends, go on a ski trip, see a show in another town, or do a road trip, all on your own, without …

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    Diminuer la prime d’assurance de votre Spyder : quelques conseils

    22 April 2020Christopher Johnson

    Reducing your Spyder insurance premium: A few tips

    Whether you are riding a Harley or a Spyder, nothing compares to the incredible sense of freedom that you get from a motorcycle ride. Also, whatever the number of wheels your motorbike is equipped with, it’s certainly worth the price that you …

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    8 April 2020Christopher Johnson

    When frequent claims lead to insurance coverage denial

    Filing a claim with your insurer following an accident or damage thinking that you will finally profit from the money you have invested might not actually be the best thing to do. Indeed filing frequent claims with your insurer can have dire …

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