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    Assurance Aggravation de risques

    7 August 2019Christopher Johnson

    Increased risk for your insurer, bad news for you…

    Are you having problems with your insurer? Has he told you that he no longer wishes to insure you or worse, that he will not cover your claim because of an increase in risk? In this blog article, Assurances Multi-Risques would like to teach …

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    assurance faillitte

    3 July 2019Christopher Johnson

    Getting insurance after bankruptcy

    Life can be filled with challenges: death, job loss, marriage dissolution, etc. When such circumstances add up, thing can get complicated financially, and sometimes overwhelmingly so. Filing for bankruptcy is a difficult decision to make, but …

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    assurance dossier criminel
    Assurance Terre à bois

    19 September 2018Christopher Johnson

    Wood lot and insurance: What is there to know?

    Breathing clean country air, working with your hands, getting away from it all, these are all good reasons to own a wood lot. Were you aware, however, that if you want your visits to the woods to remain a source of tranquil serenity, you should …

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