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    assurance fréquence de réclamation

    September 12th, 2020Christopher Johnson

    Uninsurable due to a high claims frequency: what to do?

    Many people see insurance payments as an expense rather than an investment. In fact it’s true that car and home insurance are products you hope you’ll never have to use—unlike the purchase of a new vehicle or pair of shoes! As insurance brokers, …

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    assurance piscine
    assurance demenagement

    June 24th, 2020Christopher Johnson

    Moving and home insurance: What to do?

    You have just bought a new house! That means a lot of paperwork, boxes and excitement! You will undoubtedly be very, very busy until D day, but between your trip to the notary’s office, your appointment at the bank and packing up your dishes, …

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    Assurance habitation et créancier non standard (2e chance au crédit) : quelles conséquences ?