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    December 1st, 2022Christopher Johnson

    Oil tanks: how do they affect your home insurance?

    Too few people know the impact that an oil tank can have on their home insurance. In Quebec, an estimated 12% of the population still uses fuel oil as a heat source and nearly half the oil tanks still in operation are more than 25 years old! …

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    November 15th, 2022Christopher Johnson

    10 tips to get your house ready for winter

    Just like we put winter tires on our cars and take advantage of pleasant fall days to set up car shelters, bring in cords of wood and rake up the leaves carpeting our lawns, we should also prepare our homes before winter arrives! Why? It’s …

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    November 1st, 2022Christopher Johnson

    Are there second chances with home insurance?

    Before agreeing to cover a person’s residence, insurance companies conduct a number of checks: the age and dimensions of the house, building materials, rebuilding cost, heating system, location, etc. They also check your credit report, your …

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