• Boat insurance

    You love water sports and boats and you have just bought the craft of your dreams? Our brokers can help you to obtain adequate insurance protection for your boat, whatever its value. There are many types of coverage available on the market. Before embarking on your next water adventure, we advise you to contact your broker in order to make sure that you obtain appropriate coverage at the best possible price. Insuring your boat is absolutely necessary, not only because of its value, but because of the potential damage it could cause if the unthinkable were to happen and you were to harm someone or damage other people’s property. You must therefore have adequate third party liability coverage.

    In certain cases, your home insurance will be able to cover your boat, but certain restrictions are sure to apply. Moreover, insuring your boat under your home insurance contract will not offer the extensive protection you would otherwise get with a specialized boat insurance program.

    Here a few examples of the advantages offered by specialized boat insurance:

    • Admitted insurance coverage;
    • Coverage of personal belongings that permanently remain on the boat;
    • Wreckage removal cost in case of insured loss;
    • Assistance / towing costs;
    • Automatic 15‑day coverage on new boats;
    • Legal assistance;
    • Caretaker service.

    Here is the list of boats that can be insured through our specialized maritime insurance programs:

    • Runabout (most popular type of boat on Quebec lakes);
    • Recreational craft;
    • Yatch (cruiser);
    • Sailboat;
    • Pontoon boat;
    • Cuddy Cabin;
    • Watercraft;
    • Jet ski boat;
    • Wakeboat or waterski boat;
    • Fishing boat;
    • Speed boat;
    • House boat.

    Our independent insurance brokers are specialized in boat insurance. Contact our professionals! They will be able to secure the best boat insurance deal for you!