• Group insurance

    You are part of a group or association and would like to offer your members a value‑added service to further promote loyalty? AMR Assurances Multi-Risques proposes a group insurance program suited to both your car and home insurance needs. As damage insurance brokers, we understand that it is not always easy to recruit new members. That’s why we’d like to share our group insurance knowledge with you! You are a business owner or director and you would like to offer your employees extra incentives to promote loyalty and employee retention? Contact AMR Assurances Multi-Risques, a dynamic insurance broker advocating community involvement.

    Group insurance plan advantages:

    • Group rebate on insurance plans;
    • Roadside assistance included in auto insurance plans;
    • Legal insurance (combined home and auto insurance plans);
    • Free direct bank debits;
    • Single deductible payment (combined home and auto insurance plans);
    • Wider coverage for both auto and home insurance plans.