• High-end home insurance

    You own a high-end residence and you wish to be insured accordingly. Regular home insurance policies usually contain several limitations and may not adequately meet your needs. As insurances brokers, we can offer you insurance products that are better suited to your specific needs, and thus serve you better. We also offer rapid and personalized service, and we guarantee you a royal treatment if you ever need to make a reclamation. We can meet with you in order to better evaluate your situation and then provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your insurance needs.


    Valuable tips

    Have your home appraised by a professional property appraiser. Remember that insurance brokers are insurance specialists, not home value specialists. An appraiser will be able to determine exactly what the reconstruction cost of your home would be in order to allow you to subscribe to the appropriate amount of home insurance, and therefore to avoid any unpleasant surprises in case of loss. Have an anti‑theft and fire alarm system installed in order to better protect your residence and valuables. You are wondering who to call? Contact us. We will be happy to give you the names of competent professionals. You own a prestige residence, a unique condominium with a panoramic view on the St. Lawrence River or a luxurious apartment furnished with refinement? We can suggest insurance products that will meet your specific needs and expectations.


    In your case, high-end home insurance offers:

    • Professional property appraisal paid the insurer*
    • Guaranteed building replacement cost*

    It is important to have your residence appraised by a professional recommended by your insurer. The appraiser will take note of your home’s specificities and will calculate its reconstruction cost. He will also be able to counsel you on ways to better protect your home against theft and fire. (This service is offered by many of our insurers).

    • No obligation to replace the building and/or its contents*
    • Resources necessary for the replacement of high value assets*
    • Higher third party liability limits*

    For example, let’s say that you wish to rebuild after a fire that has completely destroyed your property, but that the amount stated in your policy is not enough to cover the total cost of your new construction. Your insurer may, under certain conditions, grant you an amount superior to the one provided by your policy.


    VIP reclamation processing*

    • In case of request for assistance or reclamation, your request is always treated as a priority. Any time of day or night, wherever you are in the world, your insurer will be there to help you.
    • Under certain circumstances, some of our insurers can offer you a cash advance even before your reclamation has been fully processed.

    If you do not wish to replace your assets or to rebuild your house after a loss, certain insurers can arrange a cash refund. You may also choose to rebuild your home elsewhere or to settle for a cash amount equivalent to your home’s value. (This type of coverage is offered by some insurers).

    Our professionals have developed specialized protections for valuables such as paintings, sketches, sculptures, stamp and coin collections, antique furniture, art and decorative objects, wine bottles, rare books and modern collectibles.

    If a two-million dollar third party liability coverage seems insufficient, we can offer you an additional coverage for a specified amount.


    When you purchase a high‑end insurance policy, you expect high quality services. That’s exactly what you will get from us:

    • Superior protection for your secondary homes*
    • Why not insure your vehicles with our specialized insurers?*
    • Contact us – we guaranty your satisfaction!
    • We have thought of everything in order to make things simpler for you!

    The weekend is here and you are heading for your home in the country? Why not make sure this secondary home is well protected thanks to the same type of policy you have for your main residence? Contact us to have us evaluate if we can offer you this type of coverage.

    You would also like to improve your luxury auto’s protection package? Our specialized high‑end insurers also offer auto insurance that matches the type of coverage offered for your luxury home.

    We strongly suggest that you subscribe to your home and auto insurance with the same company. It is a winning combination that can also accelerate your reclamations’ processing in case of a loss affecting both your home and vehicle(s)*.

    * These descriptions are offered as examples only. Insurance policies offer different types of coverage, and conditions, restrictions and exclusions always apply. Insurance coverage is subject to change without notice. For more information, consult your insurer’s application forms and other documentation.