• Legal insurance

    What is legal insurance?

    When you subscribe to insurance with AMR Assurances Multi-Risques, you may also benefit from our legal insurance program that provides financial assistance in order to cover the fees of the lawyer you choose to represent you.


    Legal insurance coverage

    Consummation litigation

    Following a breach of contract, hidden defect, false advertising relating to consummation.

    Physical injury

    Litigation pertaining to a physical injury sustained by the policy holder because of a third party’s negligence or fault.

    Income protection

    Litigation concerning monetary compensation from a public or private source (worker’s compensation, disability insurance, SAAQ and CSST in Quebec, etc.).

    Work litigation

    Involving the policy holder with his employer (harassment, job loss, dismissal, layoff, etc.)

    What is the difference between legal assistance and legal insurance?

    Your current home insurance plan probably offers a legal assistance clause. Please note, however, that legal assistance is not the same thing as legal insurance. With legal assistance, you will obtain legal counselling by telephone. Legal insurance on the other hand, allows you to hire a lawyer who will counsel you, take legal proceedings in your name, and even represent you in court.