• Motorcycle insurance

    Spring is here and you have patiently waited all winter to be able to ride your motorcycle once again! You are looking forward to breathing in fresh air and enjoying the freedom of rides on the region’s backroads.

    However, before you hop on, make sure to check that you are still adequately insured. Depending on the type of motorcycle you have, on its worth and on the use you make of it, our insurance brokers will be able to offer the insurance plan you need to ensure your peace of mind.

    Guaranties offered by your third party


    Liability (Chapter A) coverage

    This coverage gives you protection against physical (outside of Quebec) and material damages inflicted to a third party. This coverage also offers protection against damages incurred by your vehicle in cases where you are not held responsible for the accident. This protection is valid everywhere in Canada and in the United States. Most drivers choose either a one‑million or a two‑million dollar liability coverage.


    Comprehensive coverage (Chapter B1)

    This coverage combines collision or upset (Chapter B2) and collision and/or comprehensive coverage. With that combination, the franchise will be the same for any type of damage incurred. This type of protection is optional, but may be required by the creditor if the motorcycle has been leased or financed.
    *Note that certain insurers do not offer comprehensive coverage for motorcycles. 


    Collision or upset coverage (Chapter B2)

    This type of coverage protects you against material damages caused to you motorcycle if you hit or you are hit by an object, or if your motorbike overturns. This type of protection is also optional, but may be required by the creditor if the motorcycle has been leased or financed.


    Collision and/or comprehensive coverage (Chapter B3)

    This coverage offers protection against damages such as broken windows, theft, fire, lightning, vandalism and other specified risks. This protection is optional unless required by the creditor of a leased or financed motorcycle. It is often combined with the collision coverage if the motorcycle’s residual worth is still substantial.


    Designated risks coverage (Chapter B4)

    Also optional, this type of coverage will offer protection against risks stated in the contract, for example hail, lightning, etc.


    Additional provisions (riders)

    Riders are additional provisions that can be added to your insurance contract.
    We can offer you the riders you require to complete your protection. Riders can be added or removed as you wish.


    Waiver of Depreciation coverage

    You have added the FAQ nos 43a and 43d coverage to your contract? In case of partial damage, your vehicle will be repaired using new or original parts without any deduction for depreciation. Moreover, if your motorcycle is a total loss, your compensation will be equivalent to its purchase cost. In certain cases, this type of coverage can be offered for up to four years.


    Replacement guarantee

    You may add this type of coverage to your contract if you wish. In case of covered damage, this guarantee will cover the vehicle’s and equipment’s loss of value.

    We can also offer you riders to round up your motorcycle insurance coverage. Such riders can be added or removed as you wish.


    Remember to declare your motorcycle’s extra equipment and accessories

    Remember to declare your motorcycle’s extra equipment and accessories (leather carrying cases, chrome accessories, sidecar) as these additions can significantly impact your vehicle’s value. Make sure to provide us with the total value of these extras so that we can add them to your motorcycle’s total worth.


    “Loss of use” warranty extension rider (FAQ nos 20-20a)

    You have been involved in an accident while traveling in the United States and can no longer use your motorcycle? The FAQ 20a rider will allow you to lease a replacement vehicle while your motorcycle is being repaired. It will also cover any additional fees required to pursue your travels or to return home as well as food, lodging and extra luggage transport for your personal belongings if need be.


    Life and health insurance (FAQ 34) 

    Some of our insurers also offer a life and health insurance that pays death benefits and covers certain medical fees in case of injury.


    Roadside assistance

    Some of our insurers also offer roadside assistance programs to help you out in case of problem on the road. The service is offered everywhere in Canada and in the United States. A bilingual person will answer your call and will quickly take any measures necessary to help you out. This service usually covers things such as:

    • Battery jumpstarting
    • Gas delivery
    • Towing in case of breakdown or flat
    • Securing of your motorcycle
    • Delivery of an urgent message to the person of your choice
    • Stay in a hotel for the night

    ** Certain restrictions may apply on riders. Please contact us to know more **