• Problem insurance (Substandard insurance)

    Insurance issues can be troublesome, especially when your insurer cancels your insurance plan. When that happens, you may tempted to call other insurers who are likely to tell you that you are not insurable. Call Assurances Multi-Risques!

    We can help you with this since we do business with specialized insurers, called substandard insurers, who deal with such matters. We will defend your right to a second chance at insurability and we will do everything in our power to find you a new insurance company, whatever the reason behind your previous contract’s cancellation. Moreover, we are completely independent when it comes to which insurance companies we choose to deal with in order to better serve you. We can also counsel you on how to shorten the time you will have to be insured with a substandard insurance company, especially since their premiums are quite high.

    Be honest and open when you discuss your case with your broker in order to help him better serve you and find an insurer who will accept to take you on.

    Our insurance brokers can help you deal with the following situations:

    • Driver’s license suspension or loss, including speeding infractions
    • Dangerous driving infractions
    • Insurance cancellation
    • Substandard lender and high interest rate
    • Too many reclamations – auto insurance
    • Too many reclamations – home insurance
    • First-time insurance contract
    • Steering wheel on the right side of the vehicle
    • Car, home or business insurance plan cancellation
    • Refusal to renew your insurance plan
    • New business
    • Restaurant that has been in business less than three years
    • Contractor who has been in business less than three years
    • Cancellation because of unpaid insurance premiums
    • Criminal or legal justice record (docket)
    • Contractor with a criminal record
    • Farm insurance issues
    • Vacant or uninhabited house
    • House equipped with an old electrical fuse box
    • Recommendations that have not been applied
    • Bad credit record
    • Building under construction or renovation
    • Person residing outside of Quebec