• Snowmobile insurance

    Winter is fast approaching and you are already excited at the prospect of bringing your snowmobile out of storage or buying a brand new one. Assurances Multi-Risques brokers will tell you how to insure your snowmobile in order to be able to enjoy snowy trails with perfect peace of mind.


    How should I insure my snowmobile?

    You might be tempted to call your auto insurance broker and add your snowmobile to the contract. That would not necessarily be a bad idea, but the premium asked might be too high and your coverage inadequate.

    Contact an independent insurance broker instead. We offer several specialized insurance packages from various insurers that will better suit your needs and your budget. Since snowmobiling seasons in Quebec are very short, trust your independent insurance broker to offer you the best protection in order to be able to enjoy the season to the best of its possibilities.


    Snowmobile insurance plans offer a wide variety of coverage, such as:

    • Third party liability (Chapter A);
    • Comprehensive coverage (Chapter B1);
    • Collision or upset coverage (B2);
    • Collision and/or comprehensive coverage (B3);
    • Designated risks (B4);
    • Legal assistance (FAQ25);
    • Trailer (FAQ25);
    • Personal insurance (FAQ34);
    • Compensation modification (FAQ43A-D) replacement insurance (FPQ 5).




    Third party liability (Chapter A)

    Under Quebec’s Automobile Insurance Act, snowmobile owners must carry at least $500 000 in third party liability coverage.


    Collision ou versement (Chapitre B2)

    You have fulfilled your dream of owning a snowmobile. You should therefore insure it to cover any damages incurred in case of accident. This coverage is optional. However, if your snowmobile has been financed, your creditor might well demand this type of coverage.


    Collision and/or comprehensive coverage (Chapter B3)

    It is also important to protect your vehicle against fire, theft, vandalism and other risks such as water damage. This coverage is also optional, but will certainly be required by your creditor if the snowmobile has been financed.


    Additional coverage 

    Depending on your insurer and on your snowmobile’s age, it could be worthwhile to subscribe to additional coverage.

    Snowmobile insurance might seem simple enough at first glance, but the many insurance packages currently available on the market can make things complicated. Call one of our brokers to be sure to save time and money while looking for the right insurance policy for you.