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    BNI (Business Network International, the world’s largest networking agency)

    Coaticook Chamber of Commerce

    Sherbrooke Chamber of Commerce


    IBC Xpress Infoinsurance – MAY 2010

    Car insurance

    Joint report
    Did you know that it’s not necessary to call the police in the event of a car accident where nobody has been hurt? All that you have to do is to fill out a joint report naming the people implicated in the accident and describing accident’s circumstances. Your insurer will determine who is responsible for the accident according to the Direct compensation agreement.

    The joint report therefore facilitates and speeds up your insurance claim settlement.

    You can download your Joint report by clicking on the preceding link.

    Consulting the Automobile claims database can also be useful.

    Home insurance

    Are you planning to move? Before you start filling up your boxes, give your insurer a call! You must provide him with the following information: moving date, new address and new dwelling’s characteristics, i.e. data that will allow him to update your insurance contract and to adequately adjust your coverage.

    Make sure that your belongings are well protected at all times.

    Would you have everything that you need on hand to survive 72 hours on your own in an emergency situation?

    Take part in the “72 hours challenge” and get the chance to win one the 50 emergency kits containing all of the essentials needed to survive during 72 consecutive hours. This contest ends May 16th at 5 PM.

    Good luck!

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