This insurance is intended for all retail businesses: clothing and accessory stores, stores selling renovation and construction materials, furniture and housewares stores, electronics stores, sports stores, convenience stores, pet shops, food stores and department stores.

Specialized contractors

This insurance is intended for specialized contractors such as landscapers, snow removers, electricians, plumbers, masons, carpenter-joiners and contractors specializing in roofing, industrial mechanics, cabinetwork, etc.
Entrepreneurs généraux - AMR

General contractors

This insurance is intended for general contractors who work in residential, commercial and industrial construction and renovation.
Immobilier - AMR

Real estate

This insurance is intended for owners of office buildings, buildings with six or more dwelling units, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, rooming houses and short-term rentals. This type of insurance is also intended for condominium associations. This type of insurance is also intended for condominium associations.
Agricole - AMR


This insurance is intended for agricultural producers: maple producers, dairy and cattle farms, hog farms, poultry farms, vegetable farms, sugar shacks and gentleman’s farms.
Manufacturiers et grossistes - AMR

Manufacturers and wholesalers

Manufacturer and wholesaler insurance is intended for managers of factories that perform industrial recycling and processing, do advanced manufacturing, produce metal, plastic or rubber products, and so on.
Bureaux de professionnels - AMR

Professional liability

This insurance is intended for professionals working in finance, insurance, staffing, engineering, architecture, accounting and administration. Ces assurances englobent également les bureaux d'avocats, de notaires, les inspecteurs en bâtiment, les consultants, les écoles de conduite, les garderies et etc.


This insurance is intended for community development corporations, non-profit organizations, foundations, cooperatives, unions, labourers, professional associations, religious organizations, social clubs, sports clubs, and so on.
Technologies de l’information et multimédia - AMR

Information technology and multimedia

This insurance is intended for communications agencies, content creators, network managers, app developers, internet and support service providers, computer security professionals, hosting and networking services, consultants, and so on.
Garages mécaniques - AMR

Auto mechanics

This insurance is intended for gas stations, auto mechanic shops, body shops, car washes, new and used car dealers and repair shops, heavy vehicle mechanics, detailing companies, etc.
Professionnels de la santé - AMR

Health professionals

This insurance is intended for physiotherapy clinics, medical clinics, denture clinics, veterinarians, hearing aid practitioners, nurses, dietitians, nutritionists, psychologists, sexologists, chiropractors, surgery clinics, and so on.
Soins esthétiques et soins corporels - AMR

Beauty and body care

This insurance is intended for hair salons, beauty salons, cosmetic clinics (electrolysis, eyelash extensions, permanent makeup, microdermabrasion, pedicures, nails, waxing, cosmetics, hair treatments, manicures, etc.), tattoo parlours, massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropodists, and so on.