Do you own a house, semi-detached house or row house? Homeowners insurance protects your building and its contents.

Prestigious residences

Do you have an expansive condo with a river view, a unique designer home or any other type of prestigious residence? A luxury home deserves the best possible coverage!
Copropriétaire - AMR


Whether you are a co-owner of a divided or undivided condo, co-owner's insurance protects your property, your leasehold improvements, the common areas and the building.
Propriétaire Non-occupant - AMR

Non-occupant owner

Do you own a building with fewer than 6 units or do you want to rent out one of your properties on a short-term basis? Non-occupant owner insurance protects your building, but not its contents.
Locataires - AMR


Are you renting an apartment or a room? Tenant insurance protects your property and covers your liability in case of physical damage to the building or to others.
Bateaux - AMR


Insurance is as important on land as it is at sea! Be sure to properly protect your fishing boat, pontoon, personal watercraft, sailboat or other pleasure boat.