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Whether you own the car of the year or are still driving your grandmother’s car, your car deserves to be properly protected!
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Harley Davidson, Spyder, Ducati, Triumph, motocross… the world of motorcycling is as varied as it is exciting. Make sure you have protection that matches your passion!
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Snowmobile To make the most of the winter season behind the wheel of your snowmobile, make sure you are well insured!
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Young driver

Choosing the right car insurance

No matter what type of license they have–learner’s, probationary or regular driver's license–every driver must be insured. Beyond this requirement, however, there are a number of obstacles that can stand in your way.

Some insurers are more reluctant to insure young drivers with less driving experience. At AMR, our insurance experts are good advisors: they will be able to guide you towards insurance coverage that will adequately protect your child and help you save money. Giving advice and reassurance is our job!