This insurance is intended for agricultural producers: maple producers, dairy and cattle farms, hog farms, poultry farms, vegetable farms, sugar shacks and gentleman’s farms.

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Our independent brokers are insurance experts. But that’s not all!

Our team of independent insurance brokers doesn’t copy and paste coverage from one industry to another. AMR has experts for each line of business that we insure and is committed to providing coverage tailored to your activities.


No matter your agricultural sector, there is an insurance product that will cover your buildings. It is also possible to cover your personal residence on your farm insurance policy.

With regard to your contents, it is important to take an inventory of your farm equipment, merchandise, perishable products, harvests, etc. It is also possible to cover your animals.

Business interruption coverage is very important for farmers. The time of year in which the loss takes place can jeopardize your agricultural business. Therefore, it is important to know your busy seasons and receive advice in order to get the right coverage and protect your income.

To ensure that you have the right farm liability coverage, it is important to declare all your activities to your insurance company in order to be properly covered These activities include services to your neighbours, snow removal, vehicle storage in your unused buildings and so on. No matter your situation, we can cover your agricultural business.

you have a fleet of farm vehicles that you use to transport merchandise or animals, you should consider farm vehicle insurance.