Whether it’s about insurance or real estate, working with a broker is generally in your best interest. On top of being experts in their field, brokers are there to help and support you, and to answer all of your questions. Now, if you want to sell your house or if you are looking to insure it, a broker can make the difference between a happy ending and a horror story. Of course, you can sell your house or buy insurance on your own, but why bother? Here are three things that insurance and real estate brokers have in common.

Brokers protect you from unpleasant surprises

One of the biggest advantages of dealing with brokers is the fact that you can benefit from their extensive knowledge. They are experts at what they do, and they know the business, which means that they can negotiate the best prices available on your behalf, offer you the products that will best suit your needs, and make sure that you do not sign anything that could cause you problems down the road. Brokers are your first line of defense against unpleasant surprises and chance accidents.

Brokers allow you to save money

Dealing with a broker entails certain fees, but it will only take a few questions to people around you to realize that, both midterm and long term, brokers save you money. They will simplify your life by taking on a good portion of the work for you, and make sure that no costly, unpleasant surprise or forgotten detail will hit you and the face when you least expect it. Doing the work right the first time always pays!

Brokers will refer you to trustworthy professionals

In addition to offering thorough and efficient services, brokers have access a series of top of the line experts and professionals. For instance, they can refer you to building inspectors, renovation contractors, claims adjustors, or just about any other specialist you might need. You can count on your insurance broker or your Proprio Direct real estate broker to quickly put you in contact with a trustworthy specialist if the need ever arises!

Expertise is priceless! To save money and to ensure your peace of mind, do business with a broker!