Another year is coming to an end! And when you think end of the year, you generally think end of year festivities, and then of course, well-watered ones… But then, well-watered festivities also mean that going home can get a bit complicated. In December, when a host of parties are on the agenda, we often find ourselves, literally, one sip away from drinking and driving. We need to ask ourselves the following question: “Am I really fit to drive?” Consequently, during this Holiday Season, Assurances Multi-Risques wants to raise your awareness on the importance of not drinking and driving. Our greatest wish is to see you back, safe and sound, in January!


Going home safely: There are several options

We don’t want to offer speeches on what could happen car insurance-wise if you ever lose your driver’s license because of a DUI offence. Our goal is rather to keep you from drinking and driving, and offering you ways to go home safely in the event that you have had one too many.

  • Call Nez Rouge, Tolérance Zéro or any other such organization in your area ;
  • Before going out, select a designated driver ;
  • Arrange to sleep over so that you can fully enjoy the party ;
  • Leave your car at home and instead take a taxi or a bus to the party ;
  • If the party is within walking distance, enjoy beautiful Christmas decorations while strolling back home.

At Christmas time, your best gift to society is to avoid drinking and driving in order to avoid putting your life and that of others on the line. Remember that accidents happen quickly. Please don’t do anything foolish that could spoil the holiday spirit. Rather, help make the season memorable for the right reasons!