Did you ever drive around the streets pretending that you were Brian O’Conner or Dominic Toretto in the Fast and Furious movies? If that’s the case, you have probably noticed that it’s quite difficult to actually shake off the police car on your tail! Your behavior could have cost you your driver’s license for a while… In this article, Assurances Multi-Risques would like to reach out to people who have just regained their driver’s license after a suspension for dangerous driving. We offer a few tips on how to find a new insurance deal, and explain what will be the likely consequences of your actions.

What is dangerous driving?

According to the Société d’assurance automobile du Québec, dangerous driving is a direct consequence of a driver’s behavior behind the wheel. For instance, road racing like the guys in Fast and Furious is considered dangerous driving and so is overtaking another car at high speed on a double line… In short, dangerous driving is the type of behavior that endangers your life and that of other people on the road.

Moreover, did you know that the police could charge you with a criminal offense for such behavior? A criminal conviction means that you will have a criminal record. That will in turn seriously complicate your job search, your travels to the US, and finding an insurer willing to take you on. Indeed, many insurance companies refuse to insure people with a criminal record…

To find out more on why insurers deny insurance to people who have a criminal record and to learn why you must still inform your insurer of this, please have a look at one of our previous articles on this subject.

Convicted of dangerous driving? A few tips to help you get insurance

Having your driver’s license suspended will undoubtedly cause you a few headaches… You will also be facing legal fees and your next driver’s license will cost you more. Moreover, finding an insurer willing to take you on will be no easy task. Here are a few tips to help you to find an insurer and to reduce the cost of your insurance premium as much as possible.

  • Contact an independent insurance broker who specializes in driver’s license suspensions. He will be able to contact several insurance companies who deal with such clients;
  • To facilitate the process with the insurer, be sure to have your SAAQ driving record on hand;
  • Increase your deductibles (this will help to lower your insurance premium);
  • Check with the insurer if you can use a telematics system that will allow to further reduce your insurance fees;
  • Tell the truth! By doing this, you will avoid many problems down the road;
  • Before buying a new vehicle, check with your insurance broker in order to make sure that you can afford the insurance premium.

In conclusion, we hope that you will have learned that your vehicle is not a race car and that roads are not racetracks. Indeed, what’s involved here is a lot more that higher insurance premiums and legal troubles since reckless driving is a serious threat to your safety and that of others. Remember, it’s better to arrive late than never!