If we go back only a few years, electric cars where a thing straight out of science fiction movies. Today, they are becoming ever more present on our roads and this industry is fast expanding. Nissan, Tesla, and Chevrolet: several auto makers are now offering electric car models. If you have recently bought one, you have every reason to be proud since you have made an eco‑friendly choice that will have a positive impact on the planet.

Of course, as with any other car, you will have to insure your new vehicle in order to be able to put on the road! However, you might ask yourself if your insurance coverage will differ from that of a gasoline-powered car. Assurances Multi-Risques would like to offer a few facts about insuring your green car.


Electric vs gasoline-operated : Are there any differences insurance-wise?

Gasoline or electricity… It really doesn’t matter! The type of energy used to power the car will have no effect on its insurance coverage. In other words, your insurer will offer the same type of coverage for an electric car as he would for a combustion engine car. Some insurers, however, wish to encourage this new type of technology and will therefore offer attractively priced coverage. Yes… that means an insurance rebate for people who choose to drive a greener car! If you own an electric or a rechargeable hybrid vehicle, you should check with your insurance agent or broker in order to make sure that you are being offered this type of incentive by your current insurer.


Choosing your insurer : Opt for a connoisseur

When the time comes to choose an insurance company, selecting one that is well aware of the realities of green vehicles can be a key asset. Here is a little story to prove our point :

Not too long ago, one of our clients, who owns a Tesla, made a claim to his insurer who, unfortunately, didn’t know much about green cars. A resident of Sherbrooke, our client found it impossible to have his car repaired in town, and Tesla demanded that he have the car towed to Montreal to have it repaired at a Tesla-certified auto body shop. Of course, getting the vehicle towed from Sherbrooke to Montreal meant additional costs that our client’s insurance company was not willing to cover. Assurances Multi-Risques defended the client’s interests, and the insurance company soon realized its mistake. It and finally agreed to pay the towing fees. After this incident, the insurance company decided to look further into the matter and decided to update its policy in order to better serve owners of electric cars.


Buying an electric car is truly an eco-friendly gesture, but to make it even greener, you have to make sure that your vehicle lasts a long time by taking good care of it, and by getting the right insurance coverage! So why not take the time to better understand your insurance policy in order to make an informed choice when looking for an insurer? To get good quality services, we recommend that you contact an independent broker who is familiar with electrical vehicles. By doing this, you will not only save on gas, but also on your insurance premium. You can then relax and enjoy your drive, unless – of course – you’ve forgotten to recharge your batteries…