These days, becoming an Uber driver can open the door to an exciting business opportunity.

Uber Eats, like its competitors, is actively capitalizing on the boom in takeout delivery service. But, since this system requires you to use your own car, how does car insurance work with Uber Eats?

In this article, we demystify what Uber Eats insurance coverage is and how to get it.


Where does Uber Eats delivery driver insurance come from?

From the moment you become an Uber driver, you are systematically covered by auto insurance for Quebec delivery drivers.

Recently, Economical was named the official insurance provider for Uber. This insurance company manages all the insurance coverage for Uber drivers in Canada (a role previously played by Intact Insurance).


What exactly does this insurance cover?

The product varies from region to region in Canada. For this reason, Quebec has its own coverage, which includes the following:

Conditional coverage

This protection covers the loss of your vehicle, as well as property damage to it, if you have a personal car insurance policy. The deductible and payable coverage are the same as those included in your personal car insurance policy.

Million-dollar liability per accident

The insurance covers your liability from the moment you create a driver account in the Uber app. The coverage no longer applies once you log out.


Is the insurance adequate?

In general, this insurance is more than sufficient for the activities involved. We are talking about delivering meals to restaurant customers within a specific area.

Any accident that occurs outside of a delivery will be covered by your personal car insurance. The app’s geolocation system also makes it easy to share when you’re on duty for Uber Eats and when you’re not.


Do I need to talk to my broker?

The insurance offered is comprehensive and does not affect your other current coverage. However, it is always a good idea to talk to your broker if you have any questions or concerns.


Do I need insurance to become an Uber driver?

Yes. It’s one of the conditions for becoming an Uber driver. And that’s why the insurance process with Economical is so simple. Uber has no choice but to protect its vast driver network around the world with a product that is easy to understand and tailored to the area of operation.


Will this product negatively impact my other personal coverage?

No. Uber Eats delivery insurance is automatic coverage, which does not in any way affect your current products.

Some people wonder if they need more coverage on their personal car insurance, since they use it for business. But, as mentioned above, the coverage offered by Economical is sufficient and well suited to an Uber Eats delivery driver’s activities.


How do you become an Uber driver?

Are you at least 21 years old and do you own a car or a bike? There’s a good chance you meet the requirements to become an Uber driver and delivery person.

Moreover, Uber doesn’t require a minimum number of work hours per week. This allows its delivery drivers to work according to their own availability. It is a great job for students or people who want to supplement their income.

You can find all the information you need about how it works, how much it pays and more on the Uber Eats website.