Your criminal record is probably the result of a foolish, careless mistake, but, unfortunately, it could have an impact on your rides on your two-wheeled hot rod for a long time. Even if you repaid your debt to society and you live a law-abiding life, you could have trouble getting motorcycle insurance if you have a criminal record. At Assurances Multi-Risques, we have expertise in insurance for people with criminal records. We would like to share a few tips for finding an insurer for your motorcycle.


Why is it difficult to insure your motorcycle when you have a criminal record?

First, finding an auto and home insurer isn’t easy for those with criminal records. Why? Because, to accept or reject a file, insurers rely on their past experience, and, therefore, on statistics. Thus, several insurance companies consider people with criminal files to be higher-risk. As a result, they prefer quite simply not to insure them!

If it can be hard to insure a car when you have a criminal record, imagine what it is like for a motorcycle. Obtaining a motorcycle insurance when you have a criminal record is even more challenging.


Where to insure your motorcycle if you have a criminal record

If you have a car, most insurers that specialize in insurance for people with criminal records will agree to insure your motorcycle on the same policy as your automobile. This makes things a lot easier for you! If you have only a motorcycle, insuring it may be more complicated, depending on the contents of your criminal record. Unfortunately for you, the few motorcycle insurers that agree to insure people with criminal records will offer you high premiums. As in any industry, it’s a matter of supply and demand.

You might therefore want to consider the option of getting an automobile and insuring it, as well as your motorcycle, with an auto insurer who specializes in insuring people with criminal records—if, of course, it’s cost-effective for you! However, before making such a big purchase, be sure that the auto insurer will actually agree to insure your motorcycle.


You could also decide to not declare your criminal record to your new insurer. But we strongly advise you against it, because the truth always comes to light in the end! And it would be a shame if you once again had to deal with new insurance problems. For exmaple: the refusal of compensation because you made a false statement to your insurer. To find out more about the consequences of failing to disclose your criminal record to your insurer, we invite you to read our previous article on the subject.

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In short, at Assurances Multi-Risques, we know that motorcycle riding is a way of life. And, unfortunately, paying a fine or spending time behind bars isn’t enough to leave your criminal record behind you and allow you to go riding with peace of mind. So contact one of our independent insurance brokers who specialize in insurance for people with criminal records. They’ll do everything they can to find the best insurer at the best price for your two-wheeled hot rod. You’ll then be able to enjoy your passion and ride the roads of Quebec all summer long!