People do business with insurance brokers because they are specialists in their field, just as notaries are specialists in legal matters.

Doing business with an independent insurance broker means choosing the best protection for you first (civil liability) and for your physical assets (home, vehicle, motorcycle, etc.). Insurance brokers, like notaries, for example, give you advice so that you can make the best decisions and check and validate your policies, so that you are properly covered if misfortune strikes.

Insurance brokers are professionals who look for the best coverage for you, based on each person’s assets and needs, and, since these vary from one person to the next, it’s worth it to have an insurance policy tailored to your individual situation.

And in the event of a claim, your insurance broker can take care of your file from A to Z: they facilitate the administrative process, answer all your questions and defend you in the event of a dispute with the insurer.

It’s crucial to be properly insured.

Have you thought of the value represented by the total loss of your automobile or home?

Or what the cost would be if a civil lawsuit were brought against you for an estimated $600,000 in damages if you had the misfortune of accidentally causing a fire in your apartment and your building was declared a total loss? All that because you didn’t take the time to take out an insurance policy or you thought it wasn’t necessary to do so?

Have you thought of what it would cost you to completely renovate the main floor of your house after incurring major water damage, at your own expense, because you never took the time to read and check your insurance policy—all the words in fine print at the end of the policy? They contain many exclusions (e.g.: damage caused by above-ground water), that can only be added to your policy by adding endorsements.

Have you thought of what it would cost you if your new car were a total loss but you didn’t know that you had to add your teenager to your car insurance policy as an occasional driver, and that, after an unfortunate accident, your insurer refused to pay out because your child was driving at the time of the incident and that constitutes an “increase of hazard”?

Property insurance isn’t something you should take lightly.

You should always be sure that you have the right insurance product to avoid unpleasant surprises in the event of an accident. That’s why it’s important to get good advice!

And don’t make the mistake of confusing an insurance agent with an insurance broker!

In fact, although you can buy insurance from an agent or a broker, these are two different professions. To help you understand better, here are the main differences between an insurance agent’s job and the profession of independent insurance broker:


  • An insurance agent is an employee of the insurance company that they represent. For example, if you decide to do business directly with an insurance company, you will be dealing with one of many general insurance agents that work for the company. These agents sell only a single range of insurance products.


  • An insurance broker who has business ties with certain insurance companies can offer you more insurance products, but will generally prioritize those from companies that compensate them. They are therefore not 100% impartial. Note that if financial attachments exist, your insurance broker is obligated to mention this to you.


  • An independent insurance broker, unlike an insurance agent, works for you, rather than for a company. They are not salespeople, but rather advisors.


An independent insurance broker is a professional who holds a licence to practise. Their expertise and judgment are called upon every day; they are therefore in the best position to properly assess your needs.

Their first and only responsibility is to serve your interests, and, because they receive no financial incentives from the insurance companies, brokers can provide total transparency. You can trust them completely.

Independent insurance brokers carefully analyze your needs so that they can recommend insurance policies that are right for you and that offer the best value for money on the market. They also have access to a wide range of insurers across the country, some of whom do not sell directly to the public.

They also monitor changes in the market for you. This means that, from year to year, they’ll give you all the rate cuts that you are entitled to. A great way to save time and money!

They always make recommendations with your interest in mind.

As mentioned above, independent insurance brokers are impartial. They will always deal straightforwardly with you, as they receive the same commission from every insurance company with whom they place policies. Therefore, they have no financial motivation to choose one company over another. Assurances Multi-Risque is a fully independent firm and we take great pride in our impartiality!

By choosing to entrust your insurance needs to an independent broker, you are getting the service of an expert in this field and are protecting your estate in the best way possible, giving you ultimate peace of mind!

That’s why people opt to do business with an independent insurance broker!