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    assurance fréquence de réclamation

    April 29th, 2021Christopher Johnson

    Uninsurable due to a high claims frequency: what to do?

    Many people see insurance payments as an expense rather than an investment. In fact it’s true that car and home insurance are products you hope you’ll never have to use—unlike the purchase of a new vehicle or pair of shoes! As insurance brokers, …

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    Pourquoi choisir un courtier d'assurance independant

    March 4th, 2021Christopher Johnson

    Why Do Business with an Independent Insurance Broker?

    People do business with insurance brokers because they are specialists in their field, just as notaries are specialists in legal matters. Doing business with an independent insurance broker means choosing the best protection for you …

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    February 4th, 2021Christopher Johnson

    Material Change in Risk in Insurance Could Be Costly!

    Have you ever heard of material change in risk? If your answer is no, you’re like most Quebecers. However, anyone who has home, car or business insurance should know and understand what it is. With this article, Assurances Multi-Risques …

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    assurance flip immobilier

    November 5th, 2020Christopher Johnson

    Property Flips: Flops Without Home Insurance?

    It looks so easy on TV: you buy a fixer-upper, work on it for a few weeks or months, then quickly resell it for a (big) profit. And then there are the home improvement shows that tempt many people to try their hand at property flipping. But …

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