Are you a motorcycle enthusiast who loves spending their free time on their bike? If so, you’ll benefit from this article, in which Assurances Multi-Risques shares its best tips to help you save on your motorcycle insurance.

Who to turn to for motorcycle insurance?

We strongly recommend that you contact a broker or an insurer specializing in motorcycle insurance. This way, you’ll be sure that the insurance company is more familiar with your reality and the particularities of motorcycles than an insurer with little knowledge of this type of vehicle. Usually, by insuring your motorcycle with a specialized insurer, you maximize your insurance coverage while benefitting from competitive insurance premiums.

A few tips to reduce your motorcycle insurance premiums

  • Contact an independent insurance broker who deals with several insurers specializing in motorcycle insurance;
    Be sure to maintain a good claims record;
    Avoid making claims for small repairs;
    Drive carefully and be sure to keep a good driving record, as it can have an impact on your motorcycle and car insurance premiums;
    Consider increasing your deductibles if the savings in premiums is worth it;
    If you or your spouse already insure other recreational vehicles, use the same insurer for your motorcycle to benefit from a multiple-vehicle discount;
    Consider cancelling certain coverage options if your insurance premiums are high and the motorcycle is old;
    Look into the possibility of taking advanced motorcycle training courses, as certain insurers specializing in motorcycles offer discounts for people who take advanced training;
    Inform your insurer if you belong to a motorcycle club, as certain insurers give additional discounts to motorcycle club members;
    Install a reputable alarm system and you may be eligible for an additional discount.

Of course, it is a lot more pleasant to buy a new motorcycle than to shop for and purchase insurance for your motorcycle. And that’s precisely why we strongly suggest that you contact an independent insurance broker who specializes in motorcycle insurance. They will be able to negotiate for you the insurance that best meets your needs, in addition to offering you guidance and advice on the best approach to take. In the meantime, here’s a link to a previous article that gives you some advice on the different types of motorcycle insurance coverage available:

Enjoy the ride and drive carefully!