For you, nothing compares to the feeling of freedom you get from viewing Quebec’s beautiful scenery atop your Harley Davidson motorcycle, except maybe the legendary sound of its motor! Being a prestigious brand, a Harley Davidson motorcycle will certainly make heads turn, but might well be considered a headache by your insurer… Such an acquisition being costly, it’s a normal thing to want to obtain the best available protection without breaking the bank. Whether you’re about to acquire your first Harley or you’re a veteran user of the brand, let us offer a few insights on how to adequately insure your Harley Davidson motorcycle.


How to adequately insure your Harley Davidson 

Street, Sportster, Touring or CVO: whatever Harley Davidson motorcycle you have chosen, you want to insure it properly in case something happens so that you can replace it or, at least, get adequate compensation. We strongly recommend that you contact an insurer who specializes in motorcycles and who understands your lifestyle.

Dealing with a specialized insurer will make filing a claim much easier, and you might even benefit from a better insurance package for your money. Moreover, chances are you will also be saving on your insurance premium on top of getting better coverage and service.


Often forgotten coverage for a Harley Davidson motorcycle

When discussing with motorcycle owners, we often notice that they are missing coverage such as:

  • Equipment and accessories coverage

Did you know that adding equipment and accessories – such as chrome trim – on your motorcycle can substantially increase its value? If you have made such additions to your motorcycle, it might be wise to contact your insurance agent or broker.


  • Rental motorcycle compensation, commonly “called deprivation of use” coverage (FAQ 20a)


  • Replacement cost without depreciation insurance or replacement insurance policy

Chances are that you have financed this costly purchase over an extended period of time. If that is the case, it would be a good thing to add coverage that will protect your investment in case your motorcycle is ever totaled. Thanks to this type coverage, you will be able to get a brand new motorcycle whatever the depreciation on your previous one. Call your insurance agent or broker in order to inquire about this type of coverage.


  • Life and health insurance

Adding this type of coverage will not cost very much, and it may help you with unexpected costs if you are ever involved in a traffic accident. Indeed, Quebec’s Société d’assurance automobile will automatically cover most of the health costs in case of accident, but will only offer limited amounts of coverage to deal with certain costs such as a chiropractor’s honoraria, for example.


  • Roadside assistance

It’s a plus!


Just as you might be tempted to go a bit fast on your Harley Davidson, you could also be inclined to do things quickly and to call up your regular insurer to have him insure your new toy… This might not, however, be the best solution in order to get the best possible insurance coverage for your pricy motorcycle. We suggest that you contact an insurer specializing in motorcycles instead. Call one of our independent insurance brokers who will be happy to do the work for you while you’re shining the chrome on your Harley. That way, you can let your motor rumble!