Some of us are not as lucky as others. Whether you believe in karma, an unlucky star or misfortune, bad luck has a way of hanging around when it gets going. Fortunately, companies like Assurances Multi-Risques offer 2nd chance insurance. Our experts call this product “bad luck insurance.”

Bad luck insurance is for people who, like you, are looking for an understanding insurer. In other words, an insurer who is not afraid to offer you a second chance at insurance, despite the glitches in your file.

In this article, you can learn about some of the situations that can affect your ability to find an insurer.


Why can an insurer refuse to insure me?

We are frequently asked the question, “Can an insurance company refuse to insure me?” The simple answer is yes. However, there are many reasons why your application may be denied. Here are the classic situations that can result in an insurance denial (home insurance, tough case, etc.).


Frequent claims

Frequent claims can affect your insurance record. In short, frequent claims increase the risk your insurer takes in insuring you. It can damage its equity, which is essential for protecting its clientele and its professional integrity.

Therefore, it is possible to deny insurance for your home, car, etc. And this is why 2nd chance insurance exists. Learn more about our bad luck insurance now.


Driver’s licence suspension and traffic violations

Do you have several traffic violations (speeding, drinking and driving, etc.)? Your premium may have increased dramatically. Or your insurance company may have issued a denial of coverage.

The same is true if your driver’s licence has been suspended. They can refuse to cover you, even if you knock on several doors, and even if you’ve made amends.

So, what do you do when “My insurance won’t cover me”? Especially when car insurance is required. It’s easy: you go for the bad luck insurance.

At Assurances Multi-Risques, we do business with insurers who specialize in 2nd chance insurance. This allows us to offer you competitive rates, whatever your driving record.  We also review your file annually, so you can benefit from the best prices.


A vacant building—a tough case for home insurance

For most insurers, a vacant or unoccupied building is a major risk. Do you own more than one home and don’t rent them out when they are unoccupied? Do you like to spend the winter anywhere but in Quebec?

Look into bad luck insurance. While it is valid to believe that your home insurance situation is a tough case, some insurers will still cover you.


Criminal record

Many people are surprised to learn that the repercussions of a criminal record extend beyond credit history or right to employment. Yes, it is more difficult to get insurance when you have faced criminal charges. However, it is still possible to purchase a 2nd chance insurance policy at an affordable price.

Transparency is always the key. Failing to share these details with your current or potential insurer could put you in a very awkward position!

Why Should You Trust Assurances Multi-Risques for 2nd Chance Insurance?

We trust you here. We assume the risks that lead you to apply for 2nd chance insurance.

Why? Simply because our insurers have decided to reach out to the less fortunate among us. Because in the end, no one is truly immune to bad luck!

Here are some of the advantages of contacting the Assurance Multi-Risques experts for this type of product:

  • Open-mindedness

Nobody’s perfect. Here, we put aside all judgment. Supporting you, no matter what your current situation or past mistakes might be, is what we do best! 2nd chance insurance allows many people to get out of unexpected difficult situations.

  • Flexibility

Is it important that you have access to a variety of payment options? Let’s check out the premium spread options together.

  • A fast, simple and pleasant experience

No more calling around to get more or less satisfactory answers. We take care of everything for you, promptly informing you about our 2nd chance insurance products.