Slingshots, those three-wheeled roadsters, have become increasingly popular in recent years. They’re more and more common on Quebec roads, and we’re often told, “Try it, you’ll love it!” Synonymous with fun, performance and the outdoors, Slingshots are an excellent alternative to motorcycles. These cool racers were designed and equipped for you to safely and freely drive on public roads.

In this article, Assurances Multi-Risques has decided to provide you with some information about this type of vehicle and give you our best insurance advice so you can cruise with peace of mind, without having to empty your pockets! Happy reading!

The Slingshot: Car or motorcycle?

A Slingshot is neither a car nor a traditional motorcycle. It’s its own kind of vehicle, categorized by the federal government as a three-wheeled motorcycle: two wheels in front and one at the back. Like all motorcycles, it does not have a roof, so you’re comfortably seated in an open-air passenger compartment!

To be authorized to drive a three-wheeled T-Rex- or Slingshot-type vehicle, you must hold a valid Class 5 licence. You do not need to hold a motorcycle licence to drive this type of vehicle! A Slingshot must also be registered as a regular two- or three-wheeled motorcycle measuring 401 cc and over. Wearing a protective helmet that meets current standards, along with a visor or protective glasses, is also mandatory.

Other details about the Slingshot

In order to be authorized to drive a Slingshot on Quebec roads, the SAAQ requires you to take a seven-hour training course on operating three-wheeled motorcycles as part of the road safety education program. This training must be provided by a driving school accredited by the Association québécoise des transports.

Insuring your three-wheeled motorcycle

As with a traditional motorcycle, the value of a three-wheeled motorcycle can vary tremendously based on its accessories and personalization. Its coverage has to match!

Assurances Multi-Risques strongly recommends that you insure your Slingshot with an insurer who specializes in motorcycles, or with a broker specializing in this type of recreational vehicle. This way, you can be sure you are paying a fair price for your premium and are receiving all the coverage you need. You’ll avoid nasty surprises if you need to make a claim!

Some tips for reducing your insurance premium:

To get the best coverage for your three-wheeled motorcycle at the best rate, here’s some advice:

  • Contact an independent broker who specializes in insuring three-wheeled motorcycles. Since they work with multiple insurance companies, they can give you an impartial quote and guide you to the best option for you;
  • Increase your deductible if the savings are worth it. *Be careful, though—some insurance companies charge deductibles that are far too high. Your broker can give you more information about this;
  • Maintain a good driving record and avoid making small claims—you’ll be rewarded;
  • Authorize a credit check. Some insurance companies can give you additional discounts, as explained in  .
  • If you have several recreational vehicles, insure them all with the same company. Multiple vehicles can earn you discounts! *However, trust your broker if they recommend not to insure all your vehicles in the same place … perhaps your snowmobile insurer is not competitive when it comes to insuring three-wheeled motorcycles. Your broker will be able to help you!

In conclusion

Whether you’re sold on a motorcycle or a Slingshot, it’s important for you to have good insurance coverage. For optimum security, you need the best insurance coverage you can have, and this is what an independent insurance broker can help you achieve!

As they are not affiliated with any of the companies they represent, they are free to work with them on your behalf, provide several quotes and guide you toward the best option. In addition, in the event of a claim, your broker will support and guide you so you can get back to normal as quickly as possible. With that, have fun cruising in your Slingshot, and drive safely!