Are you passionate about camping? Is hooking up your RV and searching for Quebec’s most scenic views one of your biggest pleasures in life? Assurances Multi-Risques would like to offer a few insurance pointers that will help you to live out your passion to the max. Your RV insurance worries are over!

First, we strongly suggest that you contact an independent insurance broker specialized in recreational vehicles such as trailers, motor homes and fifth wheels. We often see people insuring their RV with the same insurer as their car. Before doing such a thing, please check with your insurer to make sure that he has the required expertise for RVs and that the insurance product he offers is well adapted to your needs. In general, a specialized insurer will be able to offer better coverage for both your RV and your car. If your regular insurer does not have the expertise necessary to deal with RVs, he will have trouble evaluating any claim that you make and therefore to offer coverage that will adequately meet your needs.


Here are a few tips on how to reduce your RV insurance premium :

  • Contact an insurance broker who specializes in RVs ;
  • If you have more than one RV, group them together under the same insurance policy to obtain a multivehicle insurance rebate ;
  • If you are a member of an RV club, tell your insurer; you might be eligible to an additional insurance rebate ;
  • Maintain a good insurance record ;
  • Some insurers offer rebates to people who pursue certain professions; ask your insurer!
  • Raise your deductibles; make sure, however, to discuss your situation in detail with your insurance professional before choosing to do so ;
  • If your RV is worth a lot of money, have a tracking system installed. This will lower your premium, and will help to find your vehicle if it is ever stolen.


We strongly recommend that you contact an insurance broker who specializes in RVs, i.e. trailers, motor homes and fifth wheels in order to make your next escape or vacation a carefree one. In order to be able to leave for your next outing with complete peace of mind, make sure to discuss your situation and specific needs carefully with your insurance professional!