The nice weather is back and the freshly swept roads are enticing. Some of us might be tempted to drive slightly over the speed limit or to show off their driving abilities. Drivers beware! Although most people understand the consequences of accumulating demerit points on their driver’s record, most are unaware of the consequences that this can have on their insurance record. Assurances Multi-Risques would therefore like to shed a little light on this matter.


Impact of a bad driver’s record on your car insurance

First, let’s start by saying that it’s common for insurers to offer insurance rebates when a client doesn’t have any traffic violations on record. Accumulating traffic violations is therefore sure to make you lose a substantial rebate. Pretty obvious until now isn’t it! However, did you know that as soon as you cumulate three violations, your insurer will apply an additional premium to your car insurance contract since, according to probability calculations, you are then more likely to make a car insurance claim?

If you collect too many traffic violations or worse, if you lose your driver’s license, your insurer may decide to cancel your car insurance contract, and chances are high that he will do exactly that. If your car insurance is cancelled, you will have to find an insurer who specializes in high-risk clients, which means that your car insurance premium will go up considerably.


Is your driving record bad? Assurance Multi-Risques offers a few tips to reduce your car insurance premium:


  • Contact an independent insurance broker who specializes in higher-risk drivers and make sure that he deals with several specialized insurers;
  • If you have collected several traffic violations or if your license has been suspended, we advise you, before settling matters with the law, to contact a legal advisor in order to make sure that the traffic violation you’re being accused of is really justified as this can have a big impact on both your driver and your insurance records;
  • Avoid making small claims;
  • Increase your deductibles;
  • If your insurer suggests adding telematics to your contract, consider it as this could earn you a rebate. To know more about telematics, see our previous article on the subject at:;
  • Review the cost of each of your insurance clauses with your insurance broker in order to make sure that they are cost effective in your case.

Gaining a few seconds or even a few minutes by exceeding speed limits can be tempting in our fast-paced world. Such behavior, however, will usually only earn you delays and extra costs on top of increasing your risk of being in an accident. The best advice Assurance Multi-Risques can give you is to drive safely and to do business with an independent insurance broker who will really work on your behalf.

Have a good ride!