It’s summer and time to party! Summer is conducive to parties and drinking. Some mornings after, however, can be more difficult than others! Assurances Multi-Risques would like to inform you of the possible consequences of drinking and driving on your car insurance record.

First, you must know that impaired driving is illegal in Quebec. The legal alcohol limit is set at 80 mg of alcohol per l00 ml of blood (0.08) for most drivers. However, it’s a zero tolerance policy for drivers under 22 years of age, training drivers and drivers with a probationary driver’s license.

Drinking and driving can have serious consequences: suspended driver’s license, criminal record, legal fees as well as towing and even breathalyser fees. You could also see your car insurance go up, and your insurer could even decide to cancel your current insurance policy if your driver’s license is suspended.

All of these problems, however, are nothing compared to the risk you pose to yourself and to other drivers when you drive under the influence. Each year, the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) publicises the risks of drunk driving in an effort to ensure the public’s safety. According to the SAAQ, drinking and driving is one of the major causes of death on Quebec’s roads. Each year in Quebec, 160 people die, 370 suffer serious injuries, and 1,900 suffer minor injuries in alcohol-related car accidents.

Here are a few possible consequences on your car insurance if you ever drink and drive

    • Your insurer could cancel your current insurance contract since you pose an increased risk.
    • The insurance premium of a substandard insurer is higher than that of a regular insurer
    • Your level of coverage could decrease compared to your current insurance policy.

Here are a few ways to stay safe when you have had one too many

  • Do not drive your vehicle ;
  • Plan to have a designated driver ;
  • Contact someone to come and pick you up ;
  • Ask if you can sleep over ;
  • Call a taxi to go back home ;
  • Take the bus ;
  • Call a drive-home program such as Tolérance Zéro (TZ Estrie), POINT ZÉRO 8 or any other such service.


Assurances Multi-Risques strongly advises against drinking and driving in order to avoid both legal and insurance problems. Act responsibly to protect your life and that of others. Remember that moderation is always in good taste!