The Triumph is recognizable for its unique hum. It was created in England in 1985 to allow motorcycle fanatics to indulge their passion for riding and their yearning for freedom. Its Bonneville, Speed Triple and Street Triple models strike a perfect balance between power, style and handling.

But the purchase of a Triumph is a significant investment for which you should have good insurance coverage. Should an incident occur, you would then be able to replace your vehicle or be properly compensated.

An independent broker—your best ally

An independent broker will find the best coverage for you from an insurance company specializing in motorcycle insurance. Should you need to make a claim, the process will also be easier than with another insurer. In addition, an insurance company specializing in motorcycle insurance could help you save money on your premiums.

Motorcycle insurance, a requirement in Quebec

“Quebec’s Automobile Insurance Act requires motorcycle owners to have civil liability coverage of at least $50,000 to cover injury or damage to another person and vehicle in the event of an accident.” (

However, it is recommended that you increase your coverage to $2 million. If you are held responsible for an accident in the United States, the other party involved could sue you for an amount that would lead you to personal bankruptcy. That’s why it is so important to opt for higher civil liability coverage!

Protect your Triumph: don’t forget these other types of coverage

When we get calls from motorcycle-owning customers, we often notice that certain types of insurance coverage are missing in their policy. Here are a few examples:

Accessory and equipment insurance

Did you know that equipment and accessories can increase the value of your motorcycle?

Don’t forget to declare accessories and equipment, such as the addition of chrome. This will guarantee that the total value of your motorcycle reflects reality!

Rental motorcycle insurance, commonly known as “loss of use” insurance (Q.E.F. 20a)

If you have an accident while riding in the United States, you will be deprived of the use of your motorcycle. Endorsement Q.E.F. 20a provides compensation for the rental of a replacement vehicle while your Triumph is being repaired!

This endorsement may also cover additional travel expenses you may incur to continue your trip or return home. It may include meals, lodging and the transportation of personal belongings. You may want to give it some thought!

“Waiver of depreciation” or “replacement value” insurance

Did you finance the purchase of your motorcycle over a long period? If so, this type of coverage protects your investment in the event of a total loss, despite its depreciation. Ask your broker or agent for more information about this coverage.

Personal insurance

This coverage costs very little, but it may allow you to cover a loss in the event of a road accident. Even though most of the loss will be compensated by the Société d’assurance automobile du Québec, compensation for other expenses may be limited. For example, chiropractic rehabilitation expenses can add up quickly.

With this coverage, your insurer will pay the difference! In case of death, your insurer would also pay a death benefit. To find out more, contact one of our motorcycle insurance experts!

Roadside assistance

Some insurance companies offer a roadside assistance program, an emergency service for your motorcycle in the event of a breakdown or problem. This service is available throughout Canada and the U.S. When the need arises, you call a special number and a person will quickly make arrangements to provide you with the required roadside assistance. Roadside assistance usually covers:

  • Battery boost
  • Delivery of fuel
  • Towing in the event of a breakdown or flat tire
  • Securing your motorcycle
  • An emergency message to the person of your choice
  • The reimbursement of a night’s stay at a hotel

**On all endorsements, certain restrictions may apply. Talk to us for further details. *


The ultimate freedom!

The right insurance coverage for your motorcycle will allow you to hit the road on your Triumph and take full advantage of your moments of freedom.