Whether you are riding a Harley or a Spyder, nothing compares to the incredible sense of freedom that you get from a motorcycle ride. Also, whatever the number of wheels your motorbike is equipped with, it’s certainly worth the price that you have paid and the amount you pay to insure it. On the topic of insurance, Assurances Multi-Risques would like to give you a few pointers on how to decrease your three-wheeler’s insurance premium.

If you own a more traditional two-wheeler, no problem! Just have a look at our previous article on the subject. You too will benefit from knowledge that will help you to save on your insurance premium!


Three-wheelers: A few peculiarities

Driver’s license

Owning a three-wheeler is a little different from owning a traditional two-wheel motorcycle. Indeed, if you opt for a Spyder, you will not be required to take on a specialized motorcycle driver’s license.

According to the Société d’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ), you need either a class 5 (automobile) driver’s license, a class 6E (three-wheel motorcycle) driver’s license or a class 6A-B-C (motorcycle) driver’s license to be allowed to drive a Spyder.

The SAAQ requires, however, that you take 7-hour long Road Safety Education Program approved by the Association québécoise des transports before being allowed to drive off with your three-wheeler.


As is the case for traditional motorcycles, your Spyder’s value may vary greatly depending on the accessories you have added and the degree of customization you have chosen. Your coverage should reflect this. We therefore recommend that you work with an insurer who specializes in this type of recreational vehicle. By doing so, you will be paying a fair premium, receive adequate coverage for your motorcycle, and avoid unpleasant surprises in case you ever have to make a claim!


A few tips to minimize your insurance premium

Here are a few tips in order to get the best protection at the best available price :

  • Contact an independent insurance broker who specializes in three-wheel motorcycles. Such brokers deal with several insurance companies and will therefore be able to act impartially and to guide you towards the best insurance option for your specific needs ;
  • Increase your deductibles if the savings are worth it. *Make sure, however, that the deductibles are not too high for the premium you are paying. Your broker will be able to tell you more about that ;
  • Avoid making small claims and keep a good driving record. You will be rewarded in the end ;
  • Allow the insurer to check your credit rating. If they have access to this information, some insurers will you offer you additional rebates, as we have explained in a previous article ;
  • If you own several recreational vehicles, have them all insured by the same company in order to get rebates for multiple vehicles! *Trust your broker, however, if he cautions you not to insure all of your recreational vehicles with the same insurer. He may well know that the insurer who insures your snowmobile is not the one who will offer you the best deal on your three-wheeler… Ask your broker, he or she will be able to advise you!


In a nutshell, driving a Spyder offers you both a feeling a freedom and greater safety on the road. To be really safe, however, you need to find the best insurance coverage and possible that’s exactly what an independent insurance broker can do for you! Since an independent broker does not have business links with any specific insurance company, he or she will look out for your best interests, offer you several possibilities, and help you to choose the insurance contract that’s best for you.